Lemon (Citrus Limon) is the most popular citrus fruit.Lemon have sour taste and not possible to take it directly and there are different ways to take lemon.Lemon fruit have rich source of Vitamin C and fiber which helps for better health conditions in many aspects, here you go for the complete information about lemon in the post "Amazing Facts About Lemon."

Cultivation Of Lemon

Lemon is the small tree or a spreading bush from the family Rue.

  • Lemon tree are mostly grown in the climatic conditions as warm climate and and highly sensitive to frost, they can live more in the conditions that are less optimal.

  • As lemon tree are more cold sensitive and hence they should be planted to the south side of the house.

  • More sunlight is necessary for the growth of lemon tree.

  • Lemon was introduced to Spain and North Africa between the years 1000 and 1200 CE and it was further distributed to other countries.

  • In 1494 the fruit was cultivated Azores and shipped to England.

How Many Ways We Can Use Lemon

  • Lemon cannot be served directly as it has very sour taste.So,here are the some ways to take the lemon in our daily routine.

  • Lemon is taken as a juice combined with sugar and water and also salt.

  • Lemon can be served as the desert along with onions and cucumber.

  • There are number of ways how lemon makes us healthy in many ways and not only regarding health we can use this in different ways as 

  • Lemon water is mainly used for the weight loss i.e., A glass of hot water with squeezed lemon and honey daily in the morning can help to out of your weight problem.

  • Lemon can be used as sanitizer for our hands by using lemon and water to clean our hands after our meal we can get rid of the smell of our hands and this can mainly served in all the restaurants.

  • We can apply the lemon mixed with sugar crystals can scrub it to our face which makes our skin shine and removes the darkness of the face caused due to tan.

  • We can clean our utensils by using lemon which makes the items more shine.

  • We can clean our shower handles with the lemon for more shine.

  • Boil the lemon rinds of lemon in water and apply it to our scalp which helps to remove dandruff.

  • The dark stains of the fabric can also be removed by using Lemon.

Health Benefits Of Lemon

  • It has a rich source of vitamin C and fiber which helps us in lot of ways to solve the different health issues.

  • By taking lemon water we can reduce our stress and it works more than any other drinks.

  • Lemon water also acts as a better source to increase the immune system as better immune system will keep the virus and germs affect us.

  • Lemon water will give you the instant energy if you are travelling for long distance then lemon water can help you a lot to regain the energy which you have lost.

  • During summer season lemon water can help you to save from sunstroke.

  • Heart problems are solved by intake of lemon i.e.,Heart stroke is the biggest problem in the entire world low levels of vitamin C in the blood is the reason for heart stroke and Lemon have a rich source of vitamin C which reduces the chance of getting heart stroke.

  • Lemon can help us to reduce the chance of getting different types of cancer.

  • Helps to reduce or prevent kidney stones as kidney stones are formed if the waste in the body are stored and form of stones in the kidney and citrus will help to prevent the stones in the kidney.

  • Decreases the digestion problems.

Defects Of Lemon

  • More intake of lemon will result in the problem of teeth enamel.

  • Lemon will have high citric acid which produces gas problems.

  • Some of the people will have the problem of more trips to bathroom.

  • If you apply lemon to our skin and go out in the sun will lead to skin burn.

  • Heart burns will take place by more intake of lemon.


Lemon has more benefits compared to side effects to try to add some lemon intake in your daily life and keep yourself healthy.

Amazing Facts About Lemon.

Corona virus is the biggest viruses which is spreading all around the world and around 21 countries are affecting with this virus, it is  fast spreading virus which also leads to death in China and other countries. Let us know the complete information in the post "Corona virus : About, Symptoms, Causes, Precautions."

About Corona Virus

Corona Virus is first infected in animals later on it is affected to humans.

Birds and animals are affected with this virus and if birds are affected they lungs are affected and stop working.

In pigs and cows they have the symptom as diarrhea and later on it lead to severe one. 

Corona Virus was first started in China and later on in the Christmas and year holidays in China it has spread to all over the world.

No scientist has confirmed from where it is spread but some of them thought that by eating Snakes and Bats soup in one place in China Corona Virus has started.

This Corona Virus was first identified in 1960 as SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and at that time there is no cases registered as death and it has symptoms as cold and cough and cured naturally.

Corona Virus is the combination of other virus as MERS-CoV(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Symptoms Of Corona Virus

Corona Virus mainly affects respiratory system.

Cold is the basic symptoms it all starts with cold.

Fever will be the next stage.

Cough and shortness of breath will be other symptom.

Later on the lungs are completely affected i.e., the person is unable to take breath and more than that.

Kidneys are spoiled and this will be the final symptom for this virus.

The person will die after the kidneys are failed.

Causes Of Corona Virus

This Corona Virus is mainly caused by animals and this virus is very wide spreading virus.

By handshaking with the person will lead to this virus.

The air surrounded with cough and cold may spread this virus.

Precautions For Corona Virus

For this Corona Virus there is no particular medicine. So, it is better to be safe before it attacks the person.

Try to cover your nose and mouth with mask.

Wash your hands before eating food and doing some work.

Avoid close contact with the sick people.

Close your mouth while Sneezing and when Cough comes.

Wash thoroughly meat and eggs before eating.

Try to avoid eating Red meat.

Avoid touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth with unwashed hands.

The virus which is affecting all over the world and number of people are dying with this virus and the scientists have been searching for the medicine for this Corona Virus.But the results is not yet , so try to follow preventive measures and keep yourself and your surrounding safe.

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Coronavirus : About | Symptoms | Causes | Precautions.

Typhoid Fever is a serious infection caused by contaminated food and water, Typhoid fever is caused by the bacteria known as Salmonella enterica serotype typhi. Typhoid will have acute illness and diarrhea symptoms, get more  information about "Typhoid Fever : Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment."

Typhoid Fever Caused By

Typhoid fever is caused by the in take of contaminated food and impure water.

The bacteria lives in the intestines and blood streams of the person, it spreads through the feces of the infected person.

The feces of the human with the contaminated water or food causes illness and then it spread to the other people in that area.

According to the survey between 11 and 21 million people get sick from the typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is identifies through the blood test of the infected person.

Symptoms OF Typhoid Fever

Fever (Fever will increase day by day with more temperature)


Abdominal Pain
Dry cough
Extremely swollen throat
Red eyes

Prevention From Typhoid Fever

Mostly Typhoid is caused in one particular season and in early 2000 i.e., before having the correct treatment for typhoid once the person affected by this fever there is a chance of getting again and again.

Vaccination is the best way to be safe from this infection, vaccination can be taken before we are going to the new place.

Vaccination can be taken by Oral medication and Shot.

One should be aware of the food taking and drinking water, the main cause of this typhoid fever is by in take of unhealthy food.

Try to avoid outside food and water, prefer home food along with filtered water.

Do not have ice cubes in water.

Avoid raw vegetables and fruits and do not eat the peel of the fruit.

Do not eat raw and half-boiled meat.

Provide healthy atmosphere around you.

Natural Remedies Followed After Typhoid Fever

By the blood reports we can say that person is affected with  Typhoid fever.

The person should completely avoid Oil and Chilli Powder in the food once he/she is affected with typhoid.

At least for the time period of 2 months.

Should completely avoid Non-vegetarian foods for 3 months mainly Chicken.

The person should drink at least 5 liters of water because the infection should go out through urine.

Should take more liquids than solids as the digestive system will work slow during fever time.

Should avoid normal water it is better to take boiled water.

Should wash your hands while eating something.

Buttermilk and Barley water are the best way to cure from typhoid fever.

Do not eat junk food and make sure the food we take during fever should be lite and easily digested food.

Treatment For Typhoid Fever

Antibiotics are the only effective way for the treatment for typhoid fever.

As typhoid fever is caused by the bacteria so bacteria is killed by the antibiotics.

The antibiotics are preferred by the doctor according to the fever level of the person and his/her conditions.


Typhoid is cured by antibiotics and along with the healthy diet plan which have mentioned above and by proper rest, the person should take more rest during typhoid fever.

Typhoid Fever : Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment.

Tea is an aromatic beverage which is preferred by many of the people in the world and it has proved that after water. Tea is the most preferred drink and we have different types of Tea. Know complete information of Tea in the post  "Tea : History, Types, Benefits and Defects."

History Of Tea

China is the origin of Tea.There is a story behind the origin of Tea and no one are sure about the story anyway the story is in 2727 BC Chinese emperor Shen Hung was sitting under a beneath tree and his servant boiled water then some of the leaves fall into the water and then the emperor tried that water and felt different and tasty and tried that leaves in the boiled water and how it is all started.Later on the tea leaves spread to other countries and India is now most large tea producers.

Types Of Tea
There are different ways to produce Tea and it is served according the ones choice and preference.

Green Tea - Green Tea has high range of anti-oxidants which helps you to metabolize your body and skin,it is comprised of unoxidized camellia sinensis leaves which has short life span of 6-8 months. 

Benefits Of Green Tea 
Green Tea has huge benefits and it also helps to cure different disorders.

Weight Loss - Various studies proved that green tea may boost your metabolism and helps to burn fat in the body, green tea has oxidants which is used to prevent store the excess fat and also decreases the risk of getting overweight.

Improve Brain Function - Tea will make you to keep awake and it has proved that the anti-oxidants present in the tea will make your brain functions activate and improves the mental performance.

Lower The Risk Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is the most common disease which is affected for millions of people now-a-days and by the intake of green tea we can solve the disease completely.

Improves Your Physical Performance - As the active agents in the Green Tea will make your body feel free and improves the physical performance.

Lower The Risk Of Various Cancer - Polyphenols in the agent present in the Tea acts better for curing various types of cancer causing agents.

Prevent Infection And Illness - Some Bio-active compounds present in the green Tea which helps you to kill the bacteria present in the body and also in the mouth and along with that dental problems are also solved.

Keeps Your Skin Glow - Anti-oxidants present in the green Tea helps your skin glow and prevents aging lines and prevents wrinkles on the skin.

Black Tea  - Black tea is fully oxidized teas and it is used in the preparation of the breakfast and other food materials.Mostly it is preferred in China, India and some other countries.

Benefits Of Black Tea

Can Boost Heart Health - As black Tea contain group of anti-oxidants which improve the condition of heart health.

Can Reduce Blood Pressure - High blood pressure can may lead to many problems by taking black tea regularly can decrease the chance of getting blood pressure.

Reduce The Risk Of Stroke - As Black Tea does not have any cholesterol content which may reduce the chance of getting strokes.

Better Anti-Oxidants - Black Tea has group of polyphenols which has anti-oxidant properties and because of having anti-oxidants sufficiently one can reduce the chance of getting different diseases.

Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Oolong Tea - Oolong Tea is the combination of Green and Black tea and this leaves are dried for some time and later on they are used to serve, this Tea has better uses and benefits.

Benefits Of Oolong Tea

Improves Hair Condition

Improves the Body Metabolism

Keeps the sugar levels in stabilized way

Improves the tooth condition

Lowers cholesterol

Increases the mental alertness

Defects Of Drinking Tea

Decreases the Sleep conditions

Reduced iron absorption
Pregnancy complications
Heart Burn
Improves anxiety and stress

Places Where Tea Is Manufactured

Sri Lanka
South Korea
United States

Tea is the healthy beverage which improves the condition of the person and also provide many benefits and as other products it has defects too. So it is better to take it in a healthy way.

Tea : History, Types, Benefits and Defects.

Asthma is the condition where your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus.This may cause difficulty in breathing and along with cough and sneezing, mostly it takes place in winter season.Know complete information of Asthma in the post "Asthma: Types, Symptoms,Prevention, Treatment."

About Asthma

Asthma condition comes under the breathing problems.There are different types in Asthma condition and it is based on the age of the individual.

Asthma is the inflammatory disease from nose to lungs and it make difficulty in breathing and also makes some physical activities difficult and sometimes impossible.

Normally, Breath we take will go from nose and go through the throat through small air ways directly to the lungs. 

In Asthma condition the lining of the airways swell and muscles around them are tighten, Mucus then fill the airways reducing the air passage into the lungs.

Basically Asthma takes place from the birth itself i.e., from the month baby itself.

Types Of Asthma

There are different types of Asthma conditions which vary from person to person.

Adult-Onset Asthma - In this case the person can not identify the symptoms of Asthma up to certain age that is the reason it is called as Adult Onset Asthma.

Asthma COPD Overlap - COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) it is combination of different lung diseases and which makes difficulty in breathing and this is severe condition of Asthma.

Allergic Asthma - Allergic Asthma is nothing but the symptoms of the allergic can be shown in the person with asthma, but there is no rule that the person with asthma will have allergy and person with allergy will have asthma.

Non-Allergic Asthma - This is quite opposite to allergic asthma and there will be symptoms like cough during night time and tightness in the chest.

Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction(EIB) - In this type of asthma symptoms are induced as airways narrow as a result of physical activity.

Occupational Asthma - If the person works under the pollution chemical fumes and dust will be affected with the occupational asthma.

Symptoms Of Asthma

A part from types of asthma there will be quite common symptoms for Asthma.

Wheezing - Wheezing is a whistling, hissing sound of breathing, these are most commonly heard during exhalation and this occurs during breathing.

Chest tightness.
Shortness of breath.
Difficulty speaking.

Trouble sleeping because of coughing or wheezing.
Chronic coughing.

Preventive Measures For Asthma

Basically there wont be much preventive measures for Asthma but, we can follow some measures as

Follow your plan of Asthma - We should follow up our health conditions and should be careful about our breathing condition and needs regular checkup with your doctor, which makes you feel better.

Monitor Your Breathing - You can recognize your breathing problems like if you have any problem in breathing like wheezing, slight cough and shortness of breath.When ever we feel the changes in our breath it is better to visit a doctor and take medications.

Get Vaccinated For Influenza And Pneumonia - Getting vaccinations can help you prevent the flu and Asthma symptoms.

Identify And Avoid Asthma Triggers - Number of allergens and outdoor pollutants with mild cold air and air pollution can trigger asthma attacks.

Identify and Treat Attacks Early - Identifying the symptoms earlier can make you feel better and try to control the risk of increasing the Asthma.

Take Medication As Prescribed - Asthma seems to be improving, so do not take any medications or change in medicine without doctor consult.

Natural Remedies To Be Followed

Before going for medications there are some things which should be followed at the home itself  and there will be much affect by following these things.

Coffee or Caffeinated Drink - The chemical in the caffeine is used in the medicine for the Asthma, it opens us the airways and make your airways free for at least 4 hours.

Mustard Oil - The fatty mustard oil extracted from mustard seeds is better treatment for asthma, it should be applied on the skin and rub it and this will open the airways.

Sitting Up Right - Sitting Straight in the correct position will make your air passage free and makes possible to breath free.

Take Slow And Deep Breath - This is best way to treat asthma, as you feel lot of complications in breathing in the Asthma attack and in this condition try to take slow and deep breath.

Better Usage Of Inhalers - Inhalers are the way of treatment for asthma and here the person get relief in the fraction of seconds and do not have any extreme problems by inhalers.

Treatment For Asthma 
It is better to follow up your doctor for asthma problems as there will be different medicines are prescribed based on the age of the person and type of asthma is affected and also on how severe the condition.

Should follow the Action plan given by the doctor.

Asthma Attack is more affected and increased in the winter season and leads to problems like fever and fatigue.Better try to follow up your doctor and medications for Asthma and be healthy.

Asthma : Types, Symptoms,Prevention, Treatment