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Winter Skin : Problems, Remedies & Solutions.

Our skin conditions are based on the different seasons and mainly in winter season will use face a lot of skin problems and sometimes we are unable to find the solution for the skin conditions, here you go for the best solutions for your skin conditions.

Different Skin Conditions :

Dry skin - Winter air is naturally harsh and for the people who are having dry skin from starting itself will have much affected with these breezes. Dry skin is caused when your sebaceous glands do not produce enough oil for your skin.

Dehydrated Skin - Dehydrated skin is the different skin condition compared to dry skin, dehydrated skin does not feel flaky or itchy, it can evenly feel oily but it effectively stripped out of the sebum which feels the skin to be tight.

Chapped Skin - If you spend a lot of the time in the winter breeze, checks and skin gets chapped.

Chapped Lips - For many people painfully peeling lips are natural in the winter season.

Dry Cuticles - Nails often bare the burnt of cold weather and there's nothing that makes us feel worse than a handful of peeling, painful cuticles.

Dandruff  - Not only our hands and legs even our scalp is the skin and because of the climatic conditions in the winter season the skin on the scalp gets affected with dandruff.

Causes For Winter Rashes

Sensitivity to anti-bacterial soaps, detergent soaps, and other hard soaps.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

A viral infection.

Stress and Fatigue.

A bacterial infection.

A Latex allergy.

Symptoms For Winter Rashes

Winter rashes may have different symptoms as

  • Redness

  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Flaking
  • Sensitivity
  • Bumps
  • Blisters
Remedies Or Treatments For Winter Rashes

There are different remedies for the seasonal rashes and can be cured with some basic treatments as following

Moisturizes are the best treatment for our skin in winter season and it help to lock the moisture of our skin and it is good to apply moisturizes everyday, and it is better to apply night time and do not go out in sunlight after applying the moisturizes.

Petroleum Jelly acts a barrier to help seal moisture into the skin, if you are not comfortable to use petroleum jelly it is better to go for Waxelene or Un-petroleum products.

Natural Oils as olive oil and coconut oils may help soothe the skin and helps to prevent from irritating skin and prevent to reduce the marks.

Bath With Milk will helps our skin to be more smoother compared to soaps and if you and not interested milk it is better go for milk based soaps.

Oatmeal Soap is the best soap for the winter season and helps your skin to be more soothe.

Winter season causes many skin problems and we feel bad about our skin condition but we can make our skin healthy and get rid of rashes and other conditions by following the above tips mentioned.

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