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Tea : History, Types, Benefits and Defects.

Tea is an aromatic beverage which is preferred by many of the people in the world and it has proved that after water. Tea is the most preferred drink and we have different types of Tea. Know complete information of Tea in the post  "Tea : History, Types, Benefits and Defects."

History Of Tea

China is the origin of Tea.There is a story behind the origin of Tea and no one are sure about the story anyway the story is in 2727 BC Chinese emperor Shen Hung was sitting under a beneath tree and his servant boiled water then some of the leaves fall into the water and then the emperor tried that water and felt different and tasty and tried that leaves in the boiled water and how it is all started.Later on the tea leaves spread to other countries and India is now most large tea producers.

Types Of Tea
There are different ways to produce Tea and it is served according the ones choice and preference.

Green Tea - Green Tea has high range of anti-oxidants which helps you to metabolize your body and skin,it is comprised of unoxidized camellia sinensis leaves which has short life span of 6-8 months. 

Benefits Of Green Tea 
Green Tea has huge benefits and it also helps to cure different disorders.

Weight Loss - Various studies proved that green tea may boost your metabolism and helps to burn fat in the body, green tea has oxidants which is used to prevent store the excess fat and also decreases the risk of getting overweight.

Improve Brain Function - Tea will make you to keep awake and it has proved that the anti-oxidants present in the tea will make your brain functions activate and improves the mental performance.

Lower The Risk Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is the most common disease which is affected for millions of people now-a-days and by the intake of green tea we can solve the disease completely.

Improves Your Physical Performance - As the active agents in the Green Tea will make your body feel free and improves the physical performance.

Lower The Risk Of Various Cancer - Polyphenols in the agent present in the Tea acts better for curing various types of cancer causing agents.

Prevent Infection And Illness - Some Bio-active compounds present in the green Tea which helps you to kill the bacteria present in the body and also in the mouth and along with that dental problems are also solved.

Keeps Your Skin Glow - Anti-oxidants present in the green Tea helps your skin glow and prevents aging lines and prevents wrinkles on the skin.

Black Tea  - Black tea is fully oxidized teas and it is used in the preparation of the breakfast and other food materials.Mostly it is preferred in China, India and some other countries.

Benefits Of Black Tea

Can Boost Heart Health - As black Tea contain group of anti-oxidants which improve the condition of heart health.

Can Reduce Blood Pressure - High blood pressure can may lead to many problems by taking black tea regularly can decrease the chance of getting blood pressure.

Reduce The Risk Of Stroke - As Black Tea does not have any cholesterol content which may reduce the chance of getting strokes.

Better Anti-Oxidants - Black Tea has group of polyphenols which has anti-oxidant properties and because of having anti-oxidants sufficiently one can reduce the chance of getting different diseases.

Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Oolong Tea - Oolong Tea is the combination of Green and Black tea and this leaves are dried for some time and later on they are used to serve, this Tea has better uses and benefits.

Benefits Of Oolong Tea

Improves Hair Condition

Improves the Body Metabolism

Keeps the sugar levels in stabilized way

Improves the tooth condition

Lowers cholesterol

Increases the mental alertness

Defects Of Drinking Tea

Decreases the Sleep conditions

Reduced iron absorption
Pregnancy complications
Heart Burn
Improves anxiety and stress

Places Where Tea Is Manufactured

Sri Lanka
South Korea
United States

Tea is the healthy beverage which improves the condition of the person and also provide many benefits and as other products it has defects too. So it is better to take it in a healthy way.

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