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How To Stay Young : 45 Tips To Stay Young

Every Human Being will have a wish to Stay Young forever to full fill his/her life with happiness and joy and to cherish every minute of their life and it is not much difficult to Stay Young there are some tips which should be followed.Here you go through the best tips to stay young in the post "How To Stay Young :  10 Tips To Stay Young."

Tips To Stay Young

1. Use Your Brain - We have a proverb for brain i.e.,'Use it or Lose it' 
that indicated that how better we use our brain it will function in the better and helps to better blood flow and activate the cells in the brain and  helps you to stay young and it is proved.

2.Be Sociable or Expressive - Sociable means to interact with the society and attending some events and expressing our views so that it helps us to get rid of loneliness and be more active which helps us to stay young as inner happiness is the best way to stay young and beautiful/handsome.

3.Do More Exercise - Many of the changes in the body that is excess body fat, loss of muscle, poor posture are taking place this is because of not doing any type of exercise the women when compared to exercise women and not doing performing exercise the women who are doing exercise are more young and healthy.

4.Take More Anti-oxidants - According to the study it has proved that food with more anti-oxidants may slow aging processes in the body and brain and the food like Spinach and Blueberries could increase the anti-oxidant level in human body by 10-25 percent.

5.Eat Oily Fish - Oily fishes like Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, and Tuna are the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids which protect against the cardiovascular diseases and type-2 sugar.

6.Eat Less - The people who love to eat more will probably feel about this but, it has proved in the recent study that people who intake more calories are having high chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and aging agents.

7.Keep Companionship - Getting active between the sheets with your partner will make you feel relaxed and removes stress and makes a person free from cold, and also by having companionship with your partner will makes you stay young and active.

8.Protect Your Skin - There will be two factors that may affect to make a person younger the intrinsic factors means genetic and other issues, when coming to extrinsic factors it is our responsibility to protect our skin from sun light and avoid smoking.

9.Give A Break For Sometime Yourself - Recent study have proved that by more physical stress the person aging is becoming less and different diseases are taking place, everyday or twice a day sit in a calm place and close your eyes and relax your muscles and take in and out deep breath which improves the person condition.

10.Take More Fat - By taking healthy and omega 3 fatty acids foods will increase the body inflammation and reduces the aging agents in the body, salmon fish and other oily fishes the best resources of fat.

Additional Tips for staying young

  • Drink Red Wine.
  • Do not Struct To Couch. 
  • Do Yoga. 
  • Have Green Tea.  
  • Do Mental Aerobics. 
  • Try New Things.
  • Take Educational Classes. 
  • Learn To Be Peace full.
  • Do Meditation.
  • Try or Focus On Something Greater Than You. 
  • Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet.
  • Stay Physically Active.
  • Go For Dance Classes. 
  • Spent More Time With Friends and Family. 
  • Volunteer To Help For Needy.
  • Always Think and Do Positive. 
  • Drink Plenty Of Water.
  • Avoid Tobacco Products. 
  • Take Alcohol and Caffeine in Limit. 
  • Take More Nutritional Food.
  • Sleep On Your Back.
  • Use Collagen-based creams. 
  • Keep Your Eye Makeup Simple. 
  • Apply SPF Daily.
  • Gently Remove Makeup. 
  • Find Medium Hair Length. 
  • Load Up Your Food With Vitamin C packed. 
  • Grab More Leafy Vegetables
  • Eat More Mangoes.
  • Wake up Early.
  • Go For Limited Sleep. 
  • Stretch More Yourself. 
  • Maintain Healthy Weight. 
  • Practice Facial Exercise. 

conclusion: staying young is a process where we mold our self's in a particular shape.By following the above steps we can stay young.These tips can make you young but not completely,staying young is based on your gene and your growth.These steps can decomposes some of the aging in your body. 

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