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Stretch Marks : Causes, Solutions To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks.

Stretch Marks is a type of scar that appear when the skin stretches or shrinks suddenly when the person gains weight or losses weight suddenly or in a short period of time, as skin ruptures stretch marks will appear. Mostly pregnant ladies will face this problem.There wont be any complete solution for this problem but there will be slow reduction for this problem.Check in the post "Stretch Marks : Causes, Solutions To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks". 

When Stretch Marks Occur

There are different reasons for getting stretch marks.

Pregnant : Almost 50 to 90 women during pregnancy before or after birth will face this problem.

Puberty : Rapid growth is typical in young people going through puberty is another reason for stretch marks.

Rapid weight gain : Sudden weight gain will cause stretch marks at different places on the body.

Different Medications : By using different medicines there is a chance of getting stretch marks.

About Stretch Marks

Before taking about stretch marks, as our skin have 3 key layers, Stretch marks will cause in dermis and middle layer when the connective tissues are stretched more beyond the limit of its elasticity.This is normally due to unexpected weight gain.


Before Stretch Marks begin to emerge we can find some symptoms at the particular place, the skin will become pink and light red color.

There will be irritation and itchy at that place.

The marks will be initially develop as wrinkles as later on the raised streaks turn the color into red, purple, brown depending on the person skin tone.

The Stretch Marks will take years to cure and it may be happen without any medication.

Treatment For Stretch Marks

The treatment for the stretched marks is very costly and it will take a lot of time to cure Stretch Marks.

Creams, Gels, Lotions, Cosmetic surgery are available to cure stretch marks and this is done under doctor under taken.

Stretch Marks will fade out automatically for many people but it takes a lot of time nearly years.

For pregnant ladies the stretch marks will be reduced after the birth by nearly 6 months to 1 year.

The cosmetic surgery is costly for this prevention of Stretch Marks.

We should avoid yo-yo dieting ( yo-yo means the diet is maintained for some period of time eventually when you stop your diet plan we will get over weight again).

The weight should be balanced in a proper way.

The weight gain should be maintained and increase gradually during pregnant time.

We should drink nearly  6-8 glasses of water daily.

A balanced diet with vitamins and minerals should be followed every day.

Tretinoin : creams with Tretinon A will be best way to treat Stretch Marks.

Bitter almond oil is used for this.

Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E oils and moisturizes are used to cure Stretch Marks.

Where Do They Occur In Body

The common place where we can observe Stretch Marks are

Stomach or Torso


Stretch Marks occurs more for ladies when compared to gents, and that too at the time of pregnancy and mostly they are cured without medication and by following some preventive measures and tips we can get rid of Stretch Marks.

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