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Common Cold : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment.

Most common problem faced by many of the people in winter season is Common Cold, this is caused by virus that affects the nose and other parts like throat and sinuses, eustachian tubes, bronichal tubes are also affected.Sometimes this common cold may lead to other complications and here you can get the complete information about the "Common Cold : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment."

Causes Of Common Cold

Common Cold is affected by nearly more than 250 viruses and most commonly it is caused by Rhinoviruses.

Cold viruses can be caused by the direct and indirect contact with the affected person.

The air surrounding the person will cause cold.

If the person things will get contact with the other person it will cause the cold virus.

The things can be kerchief, keyboard, Grocery Carts, Telephones and etc.,

Symptoms Of Common Cold

Common Cold will have common symptoms for everyone, but there will be different incubation period for different people and it will vary from person to person depending on his/her health conditions/Immunity power.

There wont be any stages in this common cold.

The symptoms are:

Throat infection


Mild Fever
Watery eyes/Red eyes

Runny nose
Nasal and Sinus blockage
Ear ache
Body ache
Loss of Appetite
Hoarseness ( Change in the voice)
Sinus Pressure

Stuffy Nose
Difficulty in Breathing
Chest Discomfort
Dry and Sore Throat

Extreme Exhaustion

Prevention For Common Cold

As prevention is better than cure..., for any health issue we should try to prevent the infection.

Common preventive measures we have to follow is

Winter season is the common time where everyone use to suffer with this problem

So we should avoid cool water and cool drinks and ice-creams in that particular season.

Keep some distance with the infected person and use sanitizers.

Cover your face with scarf while going out in early mornings.

Remedies For Common Cold

First and best remedie for common cold is Gargling the salt water at early mornings.

Always the person should stay hydrated.

Hot water will keep your throat in a better condition.

Taking Soups will make you feel better.

Eat plenty of vitamin vegetables and fruits to keep your immune system strong.

As better immune system will make your body strong and helps you to fight with disease causing virus.

Wash your hands regularly, as cold virus is caused by the hand to hand contact.

Avoid touching your face, mainly nose and mouth.

Drink more water as staying hydrated while cold will make you feel better.

Try to take more rest while suffering with cold as it helps to cure from cold.

Take Aspirin, Acetaminophen, or Ibuprofen to cure from Common Cold and it should be taken for the people above 16 years of age.

Complications Of Common Cold

Acute Ear Infection

Asthma Attack

Strep Throat






Sometimes minor problems will lead to major issues, so it could be better if we cure it in the starting stage as Common Cold is not that much harmful but the person will gets sick during this infection.As there are some complications with this common cold as mentioned above.Try to cure the infection in the starting stage itself.


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