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Know More About Coffee !!!

Coffee is the most preferred mind refresher for many of the people,and also it is the favorite drink,"Know More About Coffee!!!".

History Of Coffee 

No one knows exactly where the coffee was discovered.

Coffee was there since 15th century and there is a story behind the coffee beans.

Herder kaldi discovered that after eating coffee beans , his goats become energetic all the day and also they were alive all the night.

After the experiment Herder also experienced the same result on him., later on the coffee beans become popular and famous all over the world.

Types Of Coffee

There are nearly 44 types of coffee's are present.

Here you go for the complete list of 44 coffee

Regular Black Coffee

Black Coffee With Milk
Black Coffee With Milk & Sugar
Turkish Coffee

Cold Brew
Iced Coffee


Caffe Crema
Cafe Zorro
Cafe Cubano
Cafe Con Hielo

Piccolo Latt
Cafe Bombon

Cafe Con Leche
Expresso Romano
Flat White
Cafe Au Lait
Caffee Breve

Cafe Affogato
Red Eye
Black Eye
Dripped Eye
Lazy Eye
Cafe Borgia
Cha Phe Sua Da
Irish Coffee


Hidden Secrets Of Coffee 

Coffee Reduces Diabetes - Coffee will protect to reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes , people who drink 4-6 cups of coffee either it may be caffeinated or decaffeinated it will reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

Coffee Reduces Parkinson's(Disease of brain and nervous system) Disease - Caffeine which is present in coffee will reduce the chance of getting Parkinson's and it is proved in the study of 2012 that the person with disease will have better movement after drinking coffee.

Coffee Fights With Liver Cancer - Along with liver cancer other types of cancer causing risks are also reduced by taking coffee regularly,it has proved in the study that by taking 3 cups of coffee daily will reduce the chance of getting liver caner by 40-50%.

Coffee Protects Heart -  By taking coffee daily there is chance of reducing the heart failure conditions by 11% and it is also proved in the study.

Coffee Makes Out Of Depression - Coffee reduces the chance of getting depressed and it is proved that about 52% people who drink coffee daily 3-4 cups reduce the chance of depressed and also it improves the person condition and reduce the suicide risk.

Coffee Improves Energy levels & Makes Smarter - Caffeine which is present in coffee blocks and inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain which stimulates a huge affect and it makes your mood better and improves the energy levels.

Coffee Reduces the Cellulite(subcutaneous fat causing dimpling on skin) Problem -  Combine coffee grounds and some coconut oil and scrub them away, by doing this the skin gets tight and the cellulite problem will be solved.

Coffee Helps To Burn More Calories - Caffeine will increase the energy levels whether a person is in sleeping condition or working condition and which helps to burn more calories.

Coffee Helps You Hair Growth - Caffeine will improve the hair growth in men by 37% which was proved in the study of 2007.

Coffee Can Help To Get Rid Of Dandruff - We use different types of products to reduce the dandruff in the hair but this can be more beneficial to everyone, mix the coffee grains with coconut oil and apply and scrub on the scalp which reduces the dandruff.

Coffee Improves Eye Condition - In the study of 2013 it has proved that by drinking coffee the retina condition is improved and the risk of getting eye sight will be low and also the night blindness disease risk is reduced.

Coffee Helps To Prevent Cavities - The black coffee will help you to reduce the chance of getting cavities and we should not add sugar in that coffee as sugar leads to cavities.

Coffee Makes U Get Rid Of Wrinkles - By applying the mask of coconut oil and ground coffee will reduce the wrinkles on the face and makes your skin glow.

Coffee Could Strength DNA - Taking dark coffee which is full of anti-oxidants which improves the condition of white blood cells and improves the condition of body and thus the DNA gets strong.

Coffee Help in Cracked Feet -  The mixture of ground coffee and coconut oil mixture will improve your feet condition. 

Coffee Could Help Get Rid Of Head-ache - According to National Headache Foundation by drinking coffee it will improves the blood flow which helps to relieve the throbbing pain and improves ones condition.

Negative Impact Of Coffee 

Coffee Will Steal Your Sleep - As caffeine in the coffee will steal your sleep , maximum number of people drink coffee in mornings to be fresh and energetic and nearly for 6 hours it will work on the body and it can change from person to person.

Coffee Leads To Cholesterol Caution - Boiled or unfiltered coffee contains high level of cafestol which increases the blood levels of bad cholesterol, it is better to take black coffee to avoid cholesterol.

Coffee is Prudence For Pregnant Ladies - If the pregnant women takes more than 1 cup of coffee will lead to misscarriage.

Coffee Can Be Toxic - Coffee grains without grained and washed will have impurities which lead to several headache problems and sickness.

Coffee Should Be Kept Away From Kids - Children with below 7 years of age will increase enuresis a.k.a bed wetting.

Coffee Increases The Blood Pressure - Taking more coffee will release the adrenaline which can result in high blood pressure and heart rate and thus it makes the person anxious.

Conclusion -

Taking 2 cups of coffee everyday will make your body better, but not more than that and if at all you are having a  habbit of taking coffee 5-6 times a day will lead to unhealthy conditions.

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