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Best Way To Reduce Arm & Face Weight

As many of us have the same problems i.e., weight gain and that too in some particular body parts, and it makes us feel bad and less confident and also we use to face some annoying situations. So now there will be no such things make you feel like that by following simple tips in this post "Best Way To Reduce Arm & Face Weight".

Reasons For Facial & Hands Weight 

Facial Weight -

The main reason for facial weight is genetic problem.

And the other reason is if our body starts gaining weight so it is quiet common that our face also gains weight.

Mainly the jaw part and check parts in the face will gain weight.

Not having sufficient sleep will be the other reason.

Anti-depressants in take will leads a person for weight gain and also leads to some changes in their body.

Hands Weight -

The reasons for the weight gain is similar for any parts in the human body . so the reasons for weight gain in hand are

Eating more food will lead to this problem.

Menstrual cycle problems will lead to weight gain.

Being less physically active is the another reason.

Stress, Depression and Anxiety will be the reason for weight gain.

Physical Exercise To Reduce The Weight Gain 

Exercise For Face 

Cardiovascular exercise for face will reduce the facial weight.

And eating gums will reduce the facial weight .

Rotating the face in clock-wise and anti-clock wise will helps a lot in reducing the weight.

Simha mudra is the another technique for reducing weight.

Fish face is the another best one.

Jaw release is the other way.

Mouth wash technique will also reduce the facial weight.

Exercise For Hands

Lift weights i.e., Dumbbells or you can lift a bottle of water and do this lifting for 25-30 times by 3 times.

Push-ups is the another way for reducing the hands weight.

Tricep dips will also helps us to reduce the hands weight there will be same repetition for every exercise as mentioned in the above point.

Side plank with dumbbell raises means our body is slanted for a side and the weight is lifted by the hand and the position is changed manually.

Food Tips For Reducing Facial & Hand weight 

The food tips for weight reduction will be mostly common for "Belly fat disturbing you ?" our old post , you can go and check it out  @ 

The other thing is we should make sure that the daily calorie count in our food should be less at-least compared to daily food we should reduce 500 calories daily.

We should never skip our breakfast.

Try to add protein and fiber food in your daily food and avoid sugar content in the food.

Quit the habit of alcohol consumption.

Try to drink more and more water.

Reduce salt intake in the food.

Black pepper in take in any manner will reduce the weight.

Cranberry juice will reduce the weight.

Aloe vera juice is the best food for weight loss and also for the other medications.

Curry leaves also helps in reducing weight loss and also it will improve our hair growth.

Cinnamon powder mixed with hot water and honey will reduce the weight and it should be taken in daily mornings.

Coconut oil will also help us to reduce the fat in our body.

Ginger and garlic is also the best way to burn calories in the body.

Oolong tea is the best way to reduce the fat of the body.

Yogurt will also help us to reduce the weight and everyone use to think that yogurt will improve the weight in the body but it is not correct.


Coming to conclusion of the post the only thing we want to say is by following simple food habits and doing some physical exercise we can get rid of this problem.

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