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Dengue Fever : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Tips.

The most dangerous and death causing issue is Dengue fever , by a small insect this infection is caused and it will lead to death in many of the cases, now-a-days lot of people are suffering from this fever and many of the people are not having idea about that is the reason to do this post it will help you to over come from this issue in "About Dengue Fever."

Caused By 

The infection is caused by the mosquito bite and the name of the mosquito that spread the dengue fever is Aedes aegypti. 

This particular mosquito will bites the person and that particular person body is affected by that viruses and also at the same type the mosquito will in take in the virus infected blood from the person again if it bite another person the infected blood in the mosquito got mixed with the other  person and this is how the infection is caused.

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever

Usually the person comes to know about the symptoms after 5-7 days after the mosquito bite.

The general symptoms for dengue fever are 

Severe high fever

Intense headache

Muscle and joints pain

Vomiting and Nausea 

Skin rashes

Redness and pain behind the eye

Mild bleeding i.e., nose bleeding and bleeding gums etc.,

Swollen glands

Prevention From Dengue

As we all know that prevention is better than cure for any disease.

The few important preventive measures for dengue fever are as follows

First and fore most drink more water and make sure that the water is purified or drink hot water.

Always try to wear long -sleeved dress so you can protect your skin from mosquito bites.

Sweat and humidity also attracts mosquitoes so try be fresh always and stay away from mosquitoes.

Try to avoid road side foods and make sure that the foods you intake is healthy and clean.

If the person is good with immunity power any virus and infection can not affect the person so eat healthy and protein food in your daily meal.

Use spray and creams that helps your body to keep out from mosquitoes.

Cover your house with net doors and use mosquito repellents.

Cover your face and mainly nose and mouth with the cloth while u are going on bike or  bus or train.

Tips To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Lemon along with the clove is the best remedies to get rid of mosquitoes by placing this around the corners of house mosquitoes do not enter into home.

Garlic is also the best one by the smell of garlic mosquitoes do not enter into home.

Tea tree mixed with some water will act as best medicine by applying that to your body no mosquitoes will come close to u and also tea tree oil will improve the skin condition.

Coffee ground mixed with some water and keep that in the surronding of home will make mosquitoes to keep it away.

Peppermint is also added in the mosquito repellent and by spraying the peppermint flavour spray will also helps us more.

Tulsi will act as best repellent for mosquitoes.

Lilac oil mixed with coconut oil with the same ratio will help our body to keep away from mosquitoes.

Eucalyptus oil and lemon oil is the another best medicine.

Rosemary stacks can also help us to make mosquitoes far from us.

Camphor is the another home remedies for mosquitoes the only what we have to do is close all the doors and windows of the room and place a camphor in that room and leave for 30 mins after that you will no mosquitoes in the room.

Tips To Cure from Dengue Fever

Squeeze half a lemon in fresh apple juice and take that juice for 2-3 times a day.

Drink grape fruit juice daily.

Squeeze fresh papaya leaves and boil those leaves until the juice comes and take that juice 2-3 table spoons daily.

Black grapes , tomatoes , pomegranate cherries and water melon will have high anti-oxidants which use to increase the platelet count in the blood.

Tulsi Leaves and Black Pepper are the best medicine for curing the dengue fever, the way to use this ingredients are boil some water with tulsi leaves and add some pepper into the same glass of tulsi water which builds immunity and acts as anti-bacterial element.

Turmeric also acts as best medicine and it helps in making the heal process faster.

Fenugreek leaves are best medicine to cure fever and it improves the metabolism of the person and the way to use is boil that leaves with water and take that daily.

Goldenseal is the herb and those roots are used in preparing medicine for dengue which helps in preventing the dengue fever.

Giloy is another best ayurveda medicine which helps in improving the metabolic rate and strength the body immune system.


Coming to conclude the topic the only thing is one should be careful with dengue fever and one should follow the tips to over come the dengue and if the fever is attacked one should be careful and follow the tips which were mentioned above and follow the medicine and guidelines.
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