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There Comes The Another Health Issues In World

Here we go for the next 3 health issues and these are most general and common infections now-a-days.Knowing about the health issues is the daily routine for many of the people but they got confused that which diseases are spreading more.So "There Comes The Another Health Issues In World" to clear all the doughts.

The Top Health Issues

Acute Respiratory Infection


The above image is the bacteria of TB

TB is the bacterial infection which is caused due to inhaling tiny droplets from cough or sneeze from infected person.

It is mainly affected for lungs and it can also affect to other parts of the body i.e., abdomen glands , nervous system and bones.

There are different types of tuberculosis where different people affected according to their symptoms and the most common types in Tuberculosis (TB) are

Active TB - In this active tb the infection is mainly affected by the lungs and the body is unable to fight with the bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The symptoms for this are Complete weight loss , Fever , Fatigue , Chills , Night sweats.

Latent TB - It is a persistent immune response system by the tb causing bacteria and for some people having Latent TB if they are affected by the normal TB but they do not have any symptoms.

The symptoms for the latent TB is same as normal TB or Active TB.

Pulmonary TB - This is caused by in-taking the infection causing bacteria and by that bacteria, lungs of the particular person is affected but this can cured in the starting stage .

The symptoms for Pulmonary TB are Persistent cough over last three weeks or more , Cough with blood , Chest pain , Coughing up Phlegm , Shortness of breath.

Skeleton TB - It means the infection is caused for the bones and joints , this is caused from the Egyptian age of transaction only.

The symptoms for skeleton TB are Severe back pain , Stiffness , Swelling , Abscesses , Bone deformities.

Liver TB - In this case when the infection is caused then for some people it is affected as pulmonary TB but if the infection is affected for liver it is called liver TB or extra pulmonary TB.

The symptoms for liver TB are Liver enlargement , Fever , Jaundice , Upper abdominal pain.

Number Of People Affected By TB

It is the top 10 leading death causing disease all over the world.

In 2017 10 million people got affected by TB and 1.6 million people died due to TB.

As an  estimation 54 million people lives are saved through TB diagnosis in the year 2000 - 2017.

The health target is to clear TB by end of 2030 among all the people.


Malaria is the infection caused by parasite it is transmitted by bite of mosquitoes to the people.

Anopheles mosquito will transfer this disease to humans.

It is first affected to the liver and transfers into red blood cells in the body.

People who are affected by this will feel Very Sick , high Fever with Shaking Chills , Severe Headache , Vomiting ,Abnormal bleeding and signs of Anemia , Muscle pain , Fatigue , Cough are the symptoms.

The treatment can be done in several ways according the person affected and according to their doctor treatment , Vaccination is the best way for preventing malaria.

There are different medications for curing this disease before it is affected by taking the medicine.

Number Of People Affected By Malaria

More than 40 % people in the world are affected by malaria every year.

Malaria mostly occurs in poor,sub tropical and tropical countries.

In 2016 and 2017 nearly 445,000 people died of malaria.

Every year 210 million people are affected by malaria and about 44000 are dying because of this.

It will cause mainly for the children of age below 5 and they got died due to lack of treatment and basic idea about the disease.

Acute Respiratory Infection

It is one of the most dangerous problem that many people are suffering from.

It is first started from the nose with sinuses and slowly affected to the throat and respiratory system.

This acute respiratory infection prevents the body from getting oxygen and which leads to death.

This disease can spread easily from one person to another person through cough and by body contact.

Most of the child and adults are affected by this and got died due to improper medication.

The symptoms for this infection is Congestion in nasal sinuses or Lungs , Runny nose , Cough , Sore Throat , Body aches , Fatigue , Difficulty Breathing , Fever.

The causes for the infection is Adenoviruses , Pheumococcus , Rhinoviruses.

Number Of People Affected By Acute Respiratory Infection  

According to WHO every year nearly 2.6 million children died due to this infection.

This is the world 3 leading disease for cause of death.

Nearly 4.5 million people deaths occur around the world every year.

In India over 4 lakh death take place every year due to this infection.


When conclude this topic the only thing what we want to say is, it is important to know about the health feeds around us,as we can be safe and also make people to know about this and make them aware of the disease in the world which are causing deaths for many ones.
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