Leafy Vegetables Really Makes Us Healthy ?

The most dis liked food by many one are leafy vegetables,but after knowing about the benefits of those one will make a habit of eating leafy vegetables in the meal at-least once or twice a week,and also who are interested in eating this food , they got add this to their favourite dish. Here we will clear that "Leafy Vegetables Really Makes Us Healthy ?"

Types Of Leafy Vegetables

There are different types of leafy vegetables 

Arugula (Rocket)

Collard Greens
Mustard Greens

Swiss Chard

Turnip Greens

Benefits Of Eating Leafy Vegetables

There are a lot of benefits by in take of leafy vegetables.

Protects your brain -Its supports your memory in the brain and also in the recent study it has proved that the people who ate leafy veggies daily are living more when compared to non eaters.

Make your skin glow -Beta-carotene is the essential mineral in the green leafy vegetables which are used to make your skin glow.

Relieve stress -Start your mornings with a green smoothie which is having a source of folate which helps your body to produce mood regulating dopamine and serotonin enzymes as neurotransmitters.

Supports bone health -As vitamin k is the important vitamin for building strong bones as green veggies like broccoli and kale are the best source and also after a fracture it improves the bones condition into better.

Improve inflammatory response -leafy vegetables contain the antioxidants ,polyphenols and disease fighting compounds.

Helps in balancing sugar content -As it has rich vitamins and minerals which reduces the sugar content in the body.

Fights belly bloating -Potassium content in the leafy vegetables will increase the condition of the person and helps one to fight and recover with belly bloating.

Improve vision health -As it is rich in vitamin and minerals which are essential for improving our eyesight are plenty is present in leafy vegetables.

Stay young -A cup of 250 ml of boiled leafy vegetables daily will make us to  improve our blood flow and other cells to be active so that we can stay young and it has also proved in a research.

Keeps you hydrated -As leafy vegetables contain a lot of water will keeps our body hydrated any time.

Drawbacks Of Eating Leafy Vegetables 

Lack of Taste -As our taste buds want something tasty but when compared to other foods these are less tasty.

Pesticide residues -While cultivation of leafy vegetables there is a common fear to everyone i.e., if pesticides have spread on it.

Finally after going through the content you may clear that how leafy vegetables are useful and the disadvantages of that are very low . So everyone should make a habit to taking a bowl of leafy veggies daily or thrice a week.


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