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Belly Fat : Causes , Reduction , Physical Exercise & Food tips.

Everyone are facing the common problem now-a-days is belly fat and one is unable to know how to reduce that fat, as it is not easy to decrease belly fat as fast as we think, the thing is we have to concentrate on our food habits and also on the daily exercises, here you go for the solution for belly fat in the post "Belly Fat : Causes , Reduction , Physical Exercise & Food tips".

Reasons For Belly Fat 

There are several reasons for belly fat & also school going kids are facing this problem.

The main problem is unhealthy food habits and eating junk food.

Another reason is hereditary problem.

The other reason is gastrointestinal problems which leads to heavy belly.

Consuming alcohol is the another problem for heavy belly.

Not having enough sleep leads to belly fat.

Consuming excess content of sugar foods and juices & beverages.

Menopause is the main and common problem for the ladies to gain belly fat.

Inactivity is the another reason for the belly fat.

Physical Exercise For Reducing Belly Fat

Circuit Training is the best one for reducing belly fat this circuit training includes push-ups , pull-ups for one set of 15 repetitions.

Do not forget to do jumping rope before every workout for 2 minutes every day.

Try to burn 500-600 calories everyday.

Make sure that your workout is going to be done daily or at-least thrice a week.

Go for abdominal muscles workout i.e., crunches and leg raises for three sets of 20 repetitions done.

And also do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30-60 secs for four sets.

Walk for at-least 25-30 mins daily before doing the exercises.

Food Tips For Reducing Belly Fat  

Drink warm water every day morning and if you can do try to add honey and lemon in the water along with cinamon powder.

Chew raw garlic everyday morning and try to eat one or two cloves and also you can take more it depends on ones capability ,as it is bit hard to take but after days goes on you can make a habit of it.

Try to go for whole grains food which make you feel lite and avoid fat content in your body.

Try to stay away from the fatty and junk food.

Avoid beverages and alcohol drinking and also soft drinks as it is full of sugar content.

Try to eat half boiled veggies in your meal.

It is better to avoid eating rice in the place of rice go for Chepathi's and Oats.

Which reduces the fat content and makes your bones and body strong.

Try to avoid salt content in your food habits.

Make sure that you are out of stress and make your mind relaxing.

Drink green tea which reduces the belly fat and increases the body metabolism.

Drink more and more water through out your day.

Eat fish to reduce the belly fat , when comparing to other non-veg food items fish is the best one.

Try to get plenty of restful sleep which makes you feel happy and your body get relaxed.


As there are several ways to get rid of belly fat by following the simple tips and healthy food habits as mentioned above . So that, there wont be any disturbance from your belly and make sure that the diet plan and food habits should continue for at-least 4-6 months and check your weight regularly. 
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