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History Of Royal Enfield !

The most trusted and popular brand in motor cycles is  "ROYAL ENFIELD". In this post you can know about the History Of Royal Enfield. By this you can have a idea about this beast.


The evolution of this motor cycles are started from 1901 the first branded motor cycle is designed by Bob Walker Smith and Frenchman Jules Gotiet.

Evolution Through The Years

The Evolution was started on the year 1901,the bike model was designed by the designers "BOB WALKER SMITH and FRENCHMAN JULES GOTIET" in that, the engine is called Minerva engine heading front to the steering head.

The next model was introduced in the year 1909,which is having the cc of 297 which was made by Swiss-made Motosacoche engine.It was a successes in that year.

The Basic design was developed in the year 1936, which is having 500cc having upright engine with a 4-valve cylinder, it is a sport version.

Design for 350cc Bullet is developed in the year 1977,The Enfield has became the Indian  brand which is exporting from UK & EUROPE.

The Electra X, a bullet with a 500cc version.

Features for 350cc Bullet.


Engine Displ.:346 cc
Mileage:40.8 kmpl
Power:20.07 PS @ 5250 rpm
Gear Box:5 Speed
Fuel System:Carburetor
ABS:Dual Channel
Head Lamp:Halogen
Wheels Type:Spoke
Tyre Type:Tube
Standard Warranty (Years):NA

Different Types Of Royal Enfield

They are 8 types of models in the Royal Enfield:

1.Royal Enfield Bullet
2.Royal Enfield Classic 
3.Royal Enfield Thunderbird
4.Royal Enfield Interceptor
5.Royal Enfield Continental GT 650
6.Royal Enfield Himalayan
7.Cast Iron Royal Enfield
8. Customized Royal Enfield 

Now a days these bikes reaches stats higher than the usual rate of growth in India 

For to known full history of the ROYAL ENFIELD 
Official website: Royal Enfield


The conclusion for the history of this Brand is,this  brand is having a huge demand in the market.Where this brand is fast growing one and a huge force in the society.The bike will give the special identity to that biker.
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