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Chocolate : History,Types,Benefits & Defaults.

After listening the word chocolate everyone face starts smiling and feels to eat,every one are fond of chocolates without having any age difference , and also everyone use to celebrate their occasions and special days by sharing chocolates with their loved ones, and know more about chocolate in this post "Chocolate : History,Types,Benefits & Defaults".

Chocolate History

The history of chocolate was first started in Mesoamerica where it has rich fields of Cocoa trees.As chocolates are made from cocoa tree it self.

The first chocolate was created by Joseph fry in 1847 in the form of bar.

The first company created chocolate is Cadbury in the form of marketing boxes in the year 1868 at England.

Types Of Chocolate 

There are many types of chocolates, the main 9 types of chocolates are taken by many of us.
Milk Chocolate.
White Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate.
Unsweetened Chocolate.
Couverture Chocolate.
Gianduja Chocolate.
Candy Coating Chocolate.

Semi-sweet Chocolate.
Bittersweet Chocolate.

How Chocolate Is Prepared 

There are few steps followed to prepare the chocolate, here you go the steps 

Cacao Cultivation is the first step for preparing chocolate as it came from the cacao seeds only.

Harvesting is second step here the beans are separated from the cacao fruit.

Fermentation is the third step here the beans are cleaned and the color from that beans are removed.

Drying & Shipping is the fourth step here the beans are dried on the wooden mats or bamboo strips and shipped later to another places.

Preparing cacao mask/liquor is the fifth step here the beans are roasted at high temp and shells are separated by the beans and again they are processed at room temp and made as paste which yields to form cacao powder and cacao powder. 

Producing chocolate is the sixth step here cacao butter is added with some sweetener and mix,gred and knead and various raw ingredients are added for different flavours of chocolates.

Conching is the seventh step this step should be done carefully here the process of kneading,rolling,heating and aeration are done.

Tempering & Moulding is the eighth step in this step the chocolate will be ready and kept at certain temperature for prepared as blocks and sent to the chocolatier.

Never ending creativity is not the step but just here it says that we are getting different forms of chocolates and types everyday so that is the reason it is said that it is never ending creativity.

Benefits Of Eating Chocolate 

Chocolate is very Nutritious -A good quality chocolate is rich in fiber,iron,magnesium,copper, and few other minerals .

Improves blood flow & Reduces blood pressure -As by eating dark chocolate it can stimulate endothelium,the lining of arteries which produces nitric oxide which reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow.

Reduces the risk of getting Heart stroke -In the review on the women who ate 45 grams of chocolate in a week have 20% less chance of getting heart stroke compared to other.

Improves your brain function -It has proved that eating chocolate 5 days a week increases the brain functions.

Reduces the risk of getting Diabetes -Everyone use to think it leads to diabetes by a study at Italy proved that dark chocolate improves metabolism and decreases the chance of getting diabetes.

It improves your math -As participants were given at 500 grams of cacao powder which improves brain flow and thus result in best way for solving problems.

It will put you in a better mood -It has proved that it will change the mood of people who are calm and dull.

It protects your skin -One type of anti oxidants called flavonoids will protect your skin from UV rays and it does not mean that we can go and stay in the sun light.

It can quit cough -The oxidant called theobromine will reduce the cough causing issues.

It may lower your cholesterol level -The dark chocolate with plant sterols and flavanols their lower ones cholesterol levels.

It improves your vision -By chocolates the blood flow of the brain will be in an better way as well as the blood flow to retina will also be in a better way so it improves the vision of eyes.

It will reduce your carvings -By taking a small bite of dark chocolate our mind reduces carvings for different items.

It will reduce the chances of getting cancer -As cacao will have lot of anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which reduce cancer causing factors.

Fetal growth -Consuming chocolates during pregnancy not only improves the mood of the mother it will also make baby to grow more healthier.

Defaults Of Eating Chocolates 

Large amount of chocolate intake will cause unwanted weight in the body which leads to many diseases.

Eating chocolates daily will affect on teeth.

Unnecessary chocolates cause saturated fat increases and it leads to  the type 2 diabetes.

It has vasoactive amines which cause migraine problems.

Chocolates has high quantity of sugar.

It has high saturated fatty acids which leads to over weight and related diseases. 

Do not eat more quantity of dark chocolate as it has high amount of caffeine.


As after going through the above content you can make sure and feel happy that eating chocolates are healthy and also there are some problems but it is quiet less than advantages , and when compared to other chocolates dark chocolate is best one.
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