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Arthritis(Knee Depletion) : Types, Symptoms, Causes, Food Remedies.

Everyday we use to hear about the problem of knee depletion from our relatives and family members,this problem is affected by the maximum number of people around us,the people with the age of above 40 are most commonly facing this problem.So, here we are clarifying and providing information about arthritis in the post "Complete Information About Arthritis(Knee Depletion)".

Types Of Arthritis 

Osteoarthritis - This is one of the most common type of arthritis , the person who is suffering from this osteoarthritis have got damaged surrounding the bone and the their will be low friction between the bones and the person will have burning sensation and severe pain over the bones.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - It is the long lasting problem for the people and in this type the auto immune disorder which affects chronic inflammation of joints and also the other parts of the body,it results in erosion of two opposite bones affects the joints of wrists , knees and elbows.

Infectious Arthritis - In this the bones are affected by microbial infection and hence it is called as infectious arthritis this is caused by invading of pathogens into the joints will leads to severe pain and inflammation and swelling.

Symptoms of Arthritis  

The most common symptom for arthritis is pain and burning sensation. 

Difficulty in moving the joints.

Tenderness of joints.

Redness and warmth of joints.

Deformity of joints.

Lack of sleep.

Muscle aches and pains.

Malaise and fatigue in the joints.

Deformity of joints.

Causes Of Arthritis

There are different types of causes for the arthritis and more over women are more affected than men.

Mainly by growing older this problem is more affected.

Without having proper nutrition diet.

Hereditary is the main reason for this problem.

Improper diet is the another reason for this problem.

Metabolic abnormalities is the another reason for this cause.

Infection attacks on the joints cause arthritis.

Food Should Be Taken

There are different food habits that should be taken by the people who are facing this problem.

Flax seeds - Are the best way to cure Arthritis , one should take a tea spoon of flax seeds daily in their every day food habit which improves the condition of bones and joints.

Garlic - Are the best medicine for every disease and also it has been shown that it has anti-inflammatory effect which will decrease the chance of getting Arthritis and also cures.

Broccoli - We all know that broccoli is the best and healthy food habit and it contain a compound Sulforaphane which reduces the chance of getting arthritis and also cures the disease.

Ginger -Not only adding flavours to tea and food,ginger also reduces the affect of getting arthritis and in the study it has proved that for 261 patients are added ginger in daily meal and within 6 weeks 63% people felt better.

Walnuts -As we all know that walnuts are best source of good fat and it is full of omega 3 fatty acids and which improves the condition of arthritis person.

Beans - The best source of fibre is beans and it will improve the person condition.

Berries - These are the best medicine for arthritis people and it improve inflammatory levels in the blood and in the study it has  proved that ladies who are taking berries twice a week are less affected compared to remaining people.

Spinach - It is full of nutrients and also helps inflammation for the people and it contains high level of anti-oxidants which improves the person condition.

Olive oil - When compared to other oils olive oil is the best one and it has best minerals and vitamins which improve the condition of the person.

Grapes - The best treatment for arthritis person are taking grapes or who are not interested to take it directly they can take it in the form of juice minimum for twice a week which improves the condition of person and it is proved in the study too.

Exercise Done By Arthritis Person

First and foremost the person should loss weight and should check whether he/she are in perfect weight according to their height and age.

Swimming is the best exercise for this problem.

Meditation and Yoga are the another exercise that should be done by the person.

Cold and Hot therapy will reduce the pain and improves the condition of the person.

Massage on the particular part of the body or joints.


As we say that arthritis is becoming a problem but it can also be cured and there are many ways to get rid of arthritis , just follow the above mentioned food habits and some exercises to your body it makes you feel better and do better.   

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