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You Haven't Seen This About Chickens

Intro About Chicken 
We all have that curiosity to know about our favorites in our lives and that to about our favorite food , many of the people will say that chicken is their favorite food in non-veg,so here you go and know more "About Chicken".In some cases it is mandatory to know what we are eating so we have information About Chicken below & "You Haven't Seen This About Chickens."


One of the most favorite dish for maximum number of people in the world.

There are 51 breeds in the world & scientific name is gallus gallus domesticus.

It is the omnivorous bird as it eats grass,seeds,vegetables,& insects.

The most meat consuming countries are Australia,United States,Argentina,Israel & United Kingdom.

The most eating breeds in chicken are Cornish Cross,Jersey Giant,Bresse,Orpington and Freedom rangers.

Breeds In Chicken

1.Cornish Cross

These are associated hybrid and extremely favored meat.

These are capable of reaching 12 lbs of weight within 6-8 weeks hence it is more preferred meat.

2.Jersey Giant 

These are the breed from united states as these are replaced by classic turkey.

These are purebred and weight around 12-13 pounds on average & harvest within 16-21 weeks.

3. Bresse

The bresse is the most tasty and best chicken in the world.

These are capable of reaching 5-7 lbs of weight within 16-20 weeks.

4. Orphigton

These are the heavy chicken breed mostly called as boilers and preferred due to their taste and tenderness of meat.

These are capable of reaching weight 8-10 lbs within 18-24 weeks.

5. Freedom Rangers

These are special breed for pesticide free meat.

These are capable of reaching weight 5-6 lbs within 9-11 weeks.

Pros Of Eating Chicken

Chicken is full of essential proteins when compared to other sources of protein.

It helps to gain body fitness and bone fitness.

By eating chicken we can prevent bone disease like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

The another advantage of eating chicken is it helps in growth of height.

It is far healthier than other red meat.

Cons Of Eating Chicken

Chicken contains lot of fiber which takes huge time to digest.

When compared to other non-vegetarian dishes there is more chance to get bird-flu infection for hens.

Uncooked chicken leads to effect on body metabolism and arsenic exposure problems.
When coming conclude the topic it is not much easy to finish about chicken as it has 51 breeds and each and every breed will have their special features, here we have discussed about more common taken chicken breeds,go through that and know more About chicken i.e., your favorite food. 
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