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Get Rid Of Pimples And Make Your Face Feel Better !!

Intro About Post

Pimples are the most common problem for girls and boys and also in the teen-age everyone used to browse about "Tips For Pimples", 
as 80% of the people will face the problems,here in this blog we have mentioned best tips for pimples & "Get Rid Of Pimples And Make Your Face Feel Better !!"

Tips For Pimples 

The word pimples is the most hearing word from every teen-age one and also from every boy and girl.

It makes one's face look ugly and for few it will reduce their self-confidence too.
For every girl and boy pimples gets started from the age of 11 (or) 12.

Pimples can occur on hands and back side of body and on neck part other than face.

Reasons For Pimples

The reasons for pimple are different for different age people.

For 12 years one the main reason will be hormonal change .

When coming to general one the cause of pimple is pollution and eating junk food.

People who are having oil skin will be more affected by pimples than compared to dry skin.

Dandruff is also a reason for pimples.
Late periods for girls will cause pimples on their face.

In some cases hereditary problem will cause pimples.

Bacteria in the dead skin cells present on the face will also cause pimples.

Natural Remedies

Applying honey and cinnamon mask to ones face will helps out from this problem, we should take 2 spoons of honey and 1 spoon of cinnamon powder and mix it gently and apply that paste on the face and wash it after 15 minutes with normal water, using this will reduce our pimples on face.
The best one to reduce pimple is taking 5-10 ml of tea-tree oil in 2 spoons of pure sandal powder with rose water and make it as paste , this paste should be applied twice in a week which reduce pimples and also dark-spots caused by pimples.

Neem oil also used to reduce pimples.

Applying turmeric powder on the pimple will help to reduce pimple but this tip is only for girls.

Applying apple paste on the face will reduce pimples,as it is full of anti-oxidants.

Buttermilk and lemon are the best combination for removing pimples on the face.

Rules Followed To Avoid Pimples 

One should wash his/her face twice a day.

We should cover our face when we are travelling in pollution and make sure that we are free from tan. 

We should avoid hair-sprays and gels from our face.
Don't squeeze or pick at your pimple.

Don't touch your face repeatedly.

Use tissues or napkins which are neat,to clean your face.

Wash your face after coming from school/college/work places.

Avoid eating junk food and oil foods.


Pimples are the defects for everyone's face and makes the bright face into ugly,but there is a chance to get rid of pimples by following simple home remedies and make your life more brighter as your face,In this post we had the best tips to get rid of pimples.
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