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Hair Fall : Reason, Remedies & Food To Be Taken.

How Tips for Hair Falls  Can Keep You  Out of Trouble

As in our day to day life and increasing technology and work there coming the problem of hair-fall and also by the pollution around us, there is no age for hair-fall everyone are having this problem and are browsing for "Tips for Hair-Fall" and also lot of tips are their for hair fall control,here we have gathered in the post "Hair Fall : Reasons, Remedies &Food To Be Taken".

Hair Fall 

Most  facing problem by Men's and Women's without having any age difference.

Even a school kid is facing this problem.

Reason For Hair Fall

The main reason for hair-fall is over stress and pollution.

Vitamin deficiency is another reason for hair-fall.

Water problem is one of the reason.
 hair fall remedies!!
Eating junk food.

Sometimes hereditary will affect some people for their hair-fall.

Heavy sweating on ones head is the another reason.

Tips To Control Hair-Fall

We should concentrate on our food habits mainly we should take food which is full of vitamin-e and iodine.

One should use smooth shampoos for hair.

We should not comb wet hair.

One should apply oil for their hair regularly at-least 2-3 times in a week.

Hibiscus flowers are best medicine for reducing hair-fall .

We should take 4-5 flowers of hibiscus and dry those flowers and those dried flowers have to be mixed in 10-15 ml of coconut oil and boil it for sometime and use that oil which helps us to reduce hair-fall.
Egg-white is the best source to reduce hair-fall, we should apply egg-white for our scalp and after applying we should leave it for some time and then we should wash our hair with shampoo.

A cup of sour curd will improve your hair condition and it will make your hair smooth.
we should apply the curd for our scalp and also for our hair too, but we should apply this curd for weekly once.

Curry leaves are the best tip to increase the hair growth,we can take it directly (or) we can make it as powder and take with our daily food.

Food To Be Taken

Taking leafy vegetables in the meal for 3-4 times in a week will reduce hair-fall.
Taking a small piece of jaggery everyday will improve iron in our body which reduces hair-fall.
Consuming peanuts in daily life will improve hair growth.

Medical Tips

Vitamin-E and Folic acid tablets will improve our hair conditions.
Everyday we should take a tablet after dinner.

If anyone is not willing to take tablets they may take that capsule and apply on scalp,where hair fall take place.

Everyone will have be in a dilemma about the tips for hair-fall as they see lot of tips when browsing the net , here we had the best tips for hair-fall which will show the best results within few months.
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