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Make Darker Skin Brighter !!

Everyone are fond of improving their skin color , both men and women believe that the person with better color will be more beautiful and handsome , and also the confident level of that person goes high if they have good color and here you can "Make Darker  Skin Brighter!!".

Why Skin Gets Darker / Dull 
There are lot of reasons for a person to turn dark.

The first and foremost reason is gene from the parents or from the relatives from their family.

A part from genes the other reason for dark skin is not taking any care on the body & moving in pollution and in sunlight.

The people who are working in the sunlight will have dark skin because of the UV rays from the sun.

The people who are using Homeopathy medicine for any disease will turn dark as the medicine is more heat when compared to Ayurvedic and allopathy.

Because of using cheap cosmetic products it will make our face to turn black and also several diseases takes place due to that products.

Tips To Improve Color 

There are several natural ways to improve your color.

Drink a glass of carrot juice before going to bed everyday or at-least 3 times a week,this will give you the best results.

Use bath powder for your face before applying soap to the face while bathing , this powder is available in market at general stores and also in cosmetics shop, this powder makes the dark face into brighter. You should use this daily for 2 times.

Apply papaya paste to your face weekly thrice will improve your skin color and also makes face to glow.

Apply tomato paste to the face to remove dark heads and clean the face and also it improve the color too.

Use sun light creams while going out on sunlight.

Drink green tea which will remove dead cells and makes the face glow.

Banana mask will improve the skin color.

Clean your face with ice-cube when applying any mask from above tips.

Try to eat healthy veggies.

Drink more water it will metabolism your body and improves skin glow.

Apply honey and olive oil mask to improve your color.

Use orange peel face mask which removes dust from the face and also the dead cells in the skin.

Rules To Be Followed For Keeping Your Face Clean

The main thing is we should not change different soaps, try to continue a single soap and also every individual should have separate soap.

When ever you come from your office or school or from outside clean the face with plain water.

 Do not apply soap to the face after coming from sunlight immediately.

A perfect sleep of 8 hrs a day will improve our skin tone.

Always keep your stress out of your mind this will automatically improve your face color and also adds glow to the face.

Avoid smoking and unhealthy foods like oil foods and junk food.

Do exercises for 30 mins daily.

Skip to eat sweets as they will increase the pores on the body which leads to black heads and white heads.

While removing your makeup from the face try to use some cotton with rose water and remove the make up, if you directly rub the face with water or soap it will make your skin damage a lot.

Try to clean your face with different cloth or tissue and do not apply rough cloth on face.

Apply Frozen spoon on your face to make your skin tight i.e., below eyes and some other places in the face , it really works well.

Apply stream to your face which try to make more sweat from the face and also try to remove impurities from the skin.

After going through the entire content and tips you can feel confident that improving your color will be done,so remove the problem from your brain and improve your skin tone and you can make darker skin to brighter skin.

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