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Why Should You Know The Top 3 Health Feeds?

The most important thing everyone are concentrating now-a-days is health and also the most searched news is latest health feeds , max number of people are following some news apps to follow health feed and latest health issues facing in society & for keeping ourselves updated is reason "Why Should You Know The Top 3 Health Feeds ?"

Now in this post we are telling the most common 3 health feeds in present situation.
  1. Diarrhea
  2. Cardiac stroke
  3. Dengue
1. Diarrhea
It is bad to say that most of the developed countries are also facing diarrhea problem.

The main reason for this problem is dirty environment and unhealthy food habits.

Because of the impurities in drinking water lot of the people are facing this problem, if the drinking water is not purified people will got affected by this problem.

Mostly children below age of 5 are suffering with diarrhea and pity to say that many of them are dying because of not having proper guide about the problem.

Analysis on number of cases and death due to diarrhea

In this year 1.2 million people die due to diarrhea.

The count of the people affected by this problem is increasing as fast as seconds count.

Everyday nearly and above 3,331 are dying due to this.

In those 3,331, 80% are children below 2 years of age.

One for every 36 secs are dying due to diarrhea.

Vaccine for diarrhea

Serum Institute of India has introduces the first ever heat stable Rota-virus vaccine in the world for diarrhea. 

2. Cardiac Stroke
Cardiac stroke is the death causing issue and everyone gets confused for heart stroke and cardiac stroke , they think that both are same but actually heart stroke is different and cardiac stroke is different.

Cardiac stroke means the heart beat stops`.

There wont be any symptoms for this problem it will attack a person suddenly.

But there will be certain reasons for this cardiac stroke.

The usage of recreational drugs,heart medications,damage to heart muscle,heart rhythm abnormalities.

Analysis on number of cases and death due to cardiac stroke

Strokes is the third leading cause of death for the people in the world.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) ,15 million people around the world suffer with stroke & out of 15 million 5 million people are disabling.

Recently in India the political leader Sushma Swaraj died due to cardiac stroke.

Treatment for cardiac stroke

The treatment for this issue should be get started within 10-20 mins after the attack take place.

After this attack the doctor will start the treatment within a hour i.e., the treatment is clearing the blood clot  near the muscles of heart for normal heart condition the treatment is known as Thrombolytic treatment.

3. Dengue

According to WHO dengue fever is ranked as the most critical mosquito-borne viral disease.

These are transmitted by Aides mosquitoes.

The symptoms for this fever is severe joint pain,muscle pain,swollen lymph nodes,headache,fever & rash.

The prevention for this fever requires control or eradication of mosquitoes carrying viruses. 

Analysis of number of cases and death due to dengue

More than 40% of people all over 100 countries are facing the problem of dengue virus.

Each year an estimated 390 million dengue infectious occur over the world , out of these 500,000 turned into dengue hemorrhagic fever , a more severe form of disease, which results up-to 25,000 deaths annually.

India , Sri Lanka ,American Samoa ,Thailand, Bangladesh,Brazil,Columbia,Venezuela,Mexico and Peru are the countries which are more effected by Dengue virus.

Treatment of Dengue fever
Because of virus causes dengue fever, there will be no specific antibiotics to treat it.

Home remedies as fluid intake and rest are best one.

The medication and treatment is given under the doctor's supervision.

As we are seeing different health issues affecting people around us and also some of them leaving their lives,it is better to go through the latest health feeds daily and to know the problems and to get rid of that problem by following some basic tips for leading our lives happily.
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