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Most Common Eye Problems : Symptoms, Types & Solutions.

Eye sight is becoming common problem for every person now-a-days and even a school going kid is facing this problem, in the past there is belief that the people having age above 40 will have eye sight the present situation is completely different.Here you go "Most Common Eye Problems : Symptoms, Types & Solutions."

Types Of Eye sight 

The eye sight problems will occur according to the age of the people i.e., for Adults and Child, apart from age the common type everyone use to know is Myopia(far objects does not appear clearly) and Hyperopia(near objects does not appear clearly).

Adults Problems - 
Blurred vision (called refractive errors)
Age-related macular degeneration
Diabetic retinopathy
Children Problems -
Blurred vision (called refractive errors)
Crossed eyes (called strabismus)
Lazy eye (called amblyopia)

Reasons For Eye Sight & Types occurs

As before said there will be different reasons for the people suffering with eyesight according to their age, apart of age the main reason for eyesight is UV rays affected on the eyes.

For Children - Hereditary problem ,Un-sufficient vitamins in Food habits, Watching television & mobile phones continuously.

Children will be more affected by hyperopia, myopia and conjuctivitis(red eyes).

For Adults - Unhealthy food habits, Working hours and hours in-front of systems, Smoking, Wearing dirty sunglasses.

Adults will be more affected by Astigmatism(blurred vision) , Computer vision syndrome (stain due to overexposure to digital screen), Exposure to UV light.

People Of Above 50 - There wont be any particular reason for the  people above 50 because of their age they are affected by eyesight.

People of Above 50 will be more affected by Cataracts(a cloud of vision over that time), Age related macular degeneration(causes blurry and distorted central vision), Glaucoma(hereditary conditions).

Precautions/tips taken before occurs 

Mainly we should concentrate on our food habits, one should take food which is full of vitamin C and E & nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc.

We should take more leafy vegetables like spinach,kale,collards.

The people who are non-vegetarians can take Salmon,Tuna and other oily fishes , Pork and Oysters.

We should take eggs,nuts, and other non-meat proteins.

Orange and other citrus fruits.

We should wear sun glasses when going on roads to protect our eyes from UV rays.

Maintain certain space and distance will watching Systems and Televisions and Mobile phones.

While studying we should maintain gap between our reading hours and on the time of reading our eyes got more affected than other parts on our body, we should maintain at-least gap for every 1hr and in that time we should give rest to our eyes, 10-15 mins of gap is enough.

We should visit our eye doctor regularly to know our present situation of eyes.

Medical Treatment

As the common medical remedies for eyesight is wearing spectacles.

In the starting stage itself we should be ware of our sight and use spectacles after doctor consult.

We should continuously use spectacles when they are recommended by the doctor,it will help us to reduce the sight problems day-by-day.

The another and temporary method is using lens for the eye sight but one should be very careful while using lens.

The another method for sight is laser treatment,after this treatment their is no need of wearing spectacles in their life time it will cure the problem continuously.


We should take it seriously as this is the biggest problem if it  goes on it will leads to other problems which threatens ones life, as Eyes are the most important organ for humans.So it is better to take the remedies before it is affected, so we have given the best way to be aware of eyesight. 


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