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Heart Stroke: Symptoms,Treatment,Food Diet

Every individual above age of 35-40 will have some changes in their body and there will be some sort of fear about their health conditions and that too about strokes as it will lead for death,but there is no need to worry about that we have best Health tips for Heart stroke in the post "Heart Stroke: Symptoms,Treatment,Food Diet."

Heart Stroke

One of the main issue for causing to death.

We cant expect weather a person is going to be affected by the stroke.It can be any time or anywhere.

In the olden days there is a motto that "above 55-60 years people will get heart stroke",but now we cant even expect that which age group people are affected by this issue.

Why Heart Stroke Occurs ?

The very first reason for this issue is over-stress and tensions.

The second one is unhealthy food habits like eating junk food and fatty foods.

Gastrointestinal(digestion) problems will also leads a person to the heart stroke.

By eating unhealthy foods,the bad fat is going to be filled in the valves (or) veins and stop pumping blood to the heart and leads to heart stroke.

There are four valves in our heart which pumps blood to the heart, for some people if 1 valve is blocked it will leads to the stroke and for some  2 valves for some 4 valves.

If you have a doubt please.. , consult the doctor.

Natural Remedies 

After Getting Heart Stroke

The person who is affected with the heart stroke for the first and second time should be very careful with their food habits, and that person should avoid eating junk food and fatty items in their daily food habits.

By eating dry-fruits in their daily life like Almond(5-6 nuts) and Walnut(3-4 nuts),these walnuts will pump good fat for the heart.

Pomegranate is the best fruit for the heart patients,because there wont be any fat and the seed will have fiber and vitamins in it which helps to the heart.

Using olive oil in their food is better and healthy.

The person should eat lite and digestible.
Before Getting Heart Stroke

The things which we have to take care is,we should avoid eating unhealthy food and make an habit of eating boiled vegetables.

The person who's age is above 40 should avoid eating Mutton, if at all the person is interested to eat,can take it for once  a month.

The people who are having tension and stress i.e., in their work should start doing Yoga and Meditation in their daily life for relaxing .
The symptoms for heart stroke will also be shown out before 2 or 3 hours.

The symptoms for this is quiet different to ladies and gents.

For gents the entire left hand will be in pain starting form the shoulder region.
For ladies the entire right hand suffers.

The common symptom is the person's body will be completely gets started sweating heavily ever before , this is the serious symptom.

If a person observe's above symptoms should immediately consult near hospitals for checkup.
Medical Treatment

The medical treatment will be different for every person and it will depend on how that person heart condition is.

There are 2 main treatments for this problem.
       1. Stunt.
       2. Bypass surgery.
Stunt:- This means the place where the valve is blocked and removes for some part and in that place doctors will place a stunt i.e., in shape of spring which is used to pump blood in and out for the heart , that stunt is will goes to the human body in the thigh region through veins. This treatment will take nearly 45 minutes-1 hour.

Bypass surgery:- This is the severe one and this will take place for the person who's 3 valves are blocked completely,the process for this one is the middle of the body is cut's and separated by a machine and then, the veins which are blocked will be removed and in that place the veins from the leg which have connection to heart those veins are placed in that place,this is the process of bypass surgery. It will take nearly 7-8 hours of time. 
Don't worry about the disease it is better to take some precautions to get rid of that issue ,nothing difficulty will be their for following the tips mentioned in this blog.

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