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Great Features About Photography

Photography is biggest passion for lot of people and also it has been proved that there will be a photographer inside every person , one should know completely about his/her passion about photography to full fill their dream as photographer. So here you go for "More About Photography".

First Photograph 

The first photograph in the world (or) the oldest surviving  photo in the world is taken by "Joseph Nicephore Niepce" in 1826  it was captured by using the technique known as Heliography & the shot was taken from an upstairs window at Niepce's estate in Burgundy.

In India photography came it the time period of 1855 and there are several pictures when we go to search of pictures in India.

Types Of Camera 

  1. Medium Format Camera Types. e.g.,Hasselbald H6D-400c offers 100 megapixels and a 53.4x40.00 mm sensor, and almost the cost is $50,000 USD for the body alone. 
  2. Compact Mirror less Cameras. e.g.,The olymous OM-D E-M10 mark 3 is an excellent example of a mirrorless camera and the cost is $449.
  3. DSLR's -Digital Signal Lens Reflex . e.g.,Canon EOS rebel T6i & Nikon D3400.
  4. Adventure Cameras. e.g.,Nikon Cool-pix AW-130 & Olymous TG- 870.
  5. Advance Compact Cameras. e.g.,Canon power shoot G3x & Sony Rx 100 4.
  6. Zoom compact cameras. e.g.,Canon power shoot SX540 & Panasonic Lumix ZS250.
  7. Compact cameras. e.g.,Nikon coolpix A300 &Canon power shoot ELPH 190is.
Features Of Camera 

Resolution - It means sharpness or detail of a picture.

Memory - Most of the cameras will have 8 mega bytes of memory for 2-3 mega pixel camera, so we have to take separate memory cards for cameras.

Flash type -It is extra light needed to shoot inside or in low-light conditions.

Burst mode -Known as Rapid fire or continuous shooting mode.

Optical Zoom -There are 2 types of zoom lenses,they are Digital zoom and Optical zoom.

Lens - Lens length will determine how much of a scene will fit into a picture.

Focus & Exposure -Most cameras have auto focus and the higher the ISO setting determine by a aperture , the less light a camera needs to take a good image.

Self-Timer - This is the option that let the photographer to include in the picture.


As many of us will have a dream to become a photographer for many of us it comes under passion and for some other people it will be profession , so people who want to start their carrier as photographer here you go for the basic details of camera and features of camera. 

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