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How Tips for Gastrointestinal Can Get You Better

How  Tips for Gastrointestinal  Can Get You Better

As our daily life food habits are changing into unhealthy food habits because of junk food and fatty items this will lead the problem of Gastrointestinal and this is not having any age differences everyone is facing problems about this , here you go for the "How Tips for Gastrointestinal Can Get You Better".



This is quite common problem for many people and it is affected without having any age limit , every individual is having this problem in their daily life .

The problem is affected for the people who are having irregular food habits and other food habits by eating "Junk food" .
The problem of the disease is,the person who is suffering with this problem will have pain near the chest part and backside of the ribs and near the thighs part.

This problem will also affect people for Heart-Stroke.


The symptoms for this problem is , there will be heavy pain in the body parts where gas is filled.

The person stomach will be so heavy that he/she are unable to take any food even they want to eat something.

The above mentioned are the main problems by this health issue.


       Physical Tips

The physical exercise is , the person should walk at-least for 10 minutes after the dinner .
Daily before going to bed the individual should drink more water as they can.

    Natural Remedies

The person who is facing this problem should take a spoon of Cumin and one spoon of Ajwain seeds(vammu)in 50 ml of water and should boil the water until it becomes half and that water should take daily after their brushing .
The  person who use to follow this remedies should maintain at-least 30 mins gap for their breakfast.
The results will be shown within a month.

This remedies also improves our digestion and it can also be taken by normal people , to improve their health conditions.

We concluded that this problem is not much as serious as we are thinking ,by following simple tips and healthy food habits we can get rid of this problem, we have mentioned the best tips for Gastrointestinal.
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