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The Rarest Place You Will Find Tips for Varicose Veins

Intro About Varicose Veins

The latest problem facing by many of us is varicose veins and many people started searching about this problem Varicose Veins, this issue is going increased more and more in the society day by day , so follow this blog for complete information about the Health tips of Varicose veins &"The Rarest Place Where You Will Find Tips For Varicose Veins."

Varicose Veins 

Varicose Veins is the most common problem faced by many people.

Varicose Veins means twisted and enlarged veins under the layer of skin and starts swelling and pain after few days it has be started.

The veins also gets enlarged as days go on.

The main problem is in the blood flow in the veins as our veins will have single way for blood flow, if at all the walls of the veins become stretched or less flexible and this will cause to transfer the blood in the opposite direction, which cause the problem of Varicose Veins.

It is affected by the people who are standing for hours and hours in their work places.

People affected by this problem are Lectures (or) Teaching staff and people who use to work in Malls and Show-rooms and for pregnant ladies.

The problem in this disease is, the veins are swelled out in the part of legs and hands, most commonly it takes place in legs.

The other problem by this varicose veins is the blood is clotted in some part of legs and hands, so that the blood circulation on that particular parts of the body will be difficult.

More than 10 million cases per year are noted in India. 

Genetic problem will also lead to this Varicose Veins.


The person who is affected by this problem are unable to identify the issue in the starting stage, later he/she use to know that something different is happening in the body.

First the black spot is started on the skin where the blood is clotted.

The black spot indicates that the blood is clotted.

By days move on the spot increases it's size and it spread to other places and this blood clotting can be take place in different places on the same leg or other leg.

Next on the black spot we can find some wound started on that, and that will be the final stage and the individual should be careful before the wound has arrived.

Natural Remedies

The person should take the food which is rich in potassium.

The food to be taken are Almonds & Pistachio nuts, lentils and white beans, Potatoes, Leafy vegetables, some fishes like salmon and etc.,

The more food items are nuts, seeds, legumes, oats, wheat, flax seed, whole-grain foods.

More vegetables are taken and other food items are onions, bell peppers, spinach, broccoli.

Citrus fruits like berries, grapes, cherries & apples.

Cocoa and garlic are also best diet for people with Varicose Veins. 


    Physical Tips
    The main thing we have to do for this problem is ,we should identify it in the starting stage and should start doing physical exercise.
    The exercise for this Varicose Veins is we should Jog in the mornings & we should stand on our toes and put hands straight and move our body up and down.

    Swimming is the best exercise for Varicose Veins.

    Cycling and Yoga are other exercise for this problem.

    The person should ware socks daily for their legs for free circulation of blood.

    Medical Treatment

    If it is severe we should go for the "Laser Treatment" which is the best way to cure the problem completely.

    Using different types of socks is the other way.


    Before concluding this topic it is better to know completely about the issue,as this problem is not small as we are thinking , it will lead some severe stage.So,it is better to know about this problem completely before suffering with the problem.
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